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Annual Trout Fest Series Splashes Into 2014

Media Contact:
Jana Leiran, CDFW Hatchery Interpretive Services, (916) 539-6644

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) invites all to Trout Fest, Central California’s annual celebration of one of the state’s most popular fish. Regardless if you are a beginner, novice or experienced angler, this activity-filled event has something for everyone.

“We encourage the public to join us for a fun day of recreation and discovery at Trout Fest,” said Cheryl Moxley, CDFW Fish and Wildlife Interpreter. “Hatcheries are a terrific family destination for learning about California’s aquatic wildlife. Trout Fest offers a variety of activities that encourages hands-on experience.”

Trout Fest kicked-off Sat., April 12 at Moccasin Creek Hatchery in Tuolumne County with tremendous success. If you missed it, try either of these upcoming locations:

• Sat., May 3 – San Joaquin Hatchery in Friant (Fresno County)
• Sat., June 28 – Hot Creek Hatchery in Mammoth Lakes (Mono County)

Some of the many fun things to do at Trout Fest:

1. Touch a fish – Trout skin is slimy, colorful and cool. You can learn all about these things at the Trout Touch Pool!
2. Taste a fish – Fish are Delicious! There are so many ways to cook a trout; here’s your chance to try a few tasty recipes at our Trout Tasting Booth.
3. Feed a Fish – Watch trout jump for joy when you toss them a handful of their favorite food. Learn what trout eat in the hatchery and in the wild at the Aquatic Insect Activity.
4. Catch a Fish – Try your new skills to catch your very own “whopper” at our Small Fry Fishing Activity. For ages 15 years and younger only.
5. Be a Fish – Travel through the River Maze with all the young “fry” avoid the predators and find prey that trout encounter in nature.
6. Clean a Fish – Trout are easy to clean. Learn how at our Trout Cleaning station!
7. Paint a Fish – Make some fishy art at the Fish Print booth.
8. Join a School of Fish – Learn angling ethics, techniques and helpful fishing tips from expert anglers at our Knot Tying, Rigging, Casting and Fly Tying activities.

Fishing, science, art and cooking are only some of the fun and interesting activities Trout Fest offers. Local fly fishing groups will provide individual fly casting lessons, demonstrate the art of fly-tying and talk about catch and release techniques. CDFW wildlife officers will also be on hand to answer your wildlife-related questions.

Hours for all events are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Parking, admission and activities are FREE. All gear and tackle is provided (fishing is for kids 15 years and under only).

Additional information can be found at http://www.dfg.ca.gov/fish/Hatcheries/.