Knoxville Wildlife Area, Cedar Roughs Wildlife Area, Putah Creek Wildlife Areas Remain Closed Due to LNU Lightning Complex Fires

view of hill with dry grass and oak tree

Knoxville and Cedar Roughs wildlife areas, both in Napa County, and Putah Creek Wildlife Area in Solano County, have been closed until further notice by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) due to the proximity of the Hennessy and LNU Lightning Complex fires.

To ensure public safety and to allow CDFW to fully evaluate the effects of the wildfire, the wildlife areas will be closed to all public uses including hunting and hiking.  The closure will remain in effect through the remainder of the year, which will include A Zone deer hunt season, dove hunt season and the fall wild turkey hunt season. 

When the wildlife areas are considered safe for public use, CDFW will issue a press release announcing their re-opening.

The updated list of CDFW land closures can be found at


Media Contact:
Ken Paglia, CDFW Communications, (916) 825-7120