Reporting Resources Violations Faster, Easier Using Technology

Several hunting seasons are approaching and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is asking the public to use technology — rather than social media — to report wildlife and pollution crimes across the state.

“We often get reports of violations and other very good tips sent to CDFW through social media, but our Twitter and Facebook sites are not directly monitored by wildlife officers,” said Lt. Mike Milotz, CDFW CalTip Program Coordinator. “There are several ways for the public to report issues directly to us in real time, including a CalTIP phone number, a smart phone app, direct text message capability and our website.”

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All reports can be completely anonymous, as the technology removes all identifying information before wildlife officers see the tips.

The public can report violations or concerns in the following ways:

  • Phone Number: (888) 334-2258 / (888) 334-CALTIP
  • App: CalTIP app (free via the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store)
  • Text Message: Text to 847-411 and a wildlife officer can respond directly. (Please begin your message with “Caltip,” followed by the details)
  • CDFW’s website:
  • Call 911

CDFW law enforcement reminds people to never put their safety in jeopardy or try to stop a suspected crime. Report it as soon as possible, including a description of the people, equipment and vehicles involved. The more detail provided, the better

CalTIP is a confidential secret witness program that encourages the public to provide factual information leading to the arrest of poachers and polluters. The program is funded by penalty assessments generated by fines from wildlife violators and polluters. The existing CalTIP confidential secret witness phone number, 1-888-334-2258, continues to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wildlife officers encourage anyone who witnesses a poaching or polluting violation, or who has information about a violation, to report it as soon as possible.

Media Contacts

Lt. Mike Milotz, CDFW Law Enforcement and CalTip Program, (916) 654-1485
Lt. Chris Stoots, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 651-9982
Andrew Hughan, CDFW Communications, (916) 322-8944