Shikar-Safari Club International Honors Lt. Sheree Christensen as Wildlife Officer of the Year

Lt. Sheree Christensen - 2014 Wildlife Officer of the Year.
Lt. Sheree Christensen – 2014 Wildlife Officer of the Year.
Media Contacts:
Capt. Patrick Foy, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 508-7095
Janice Mackey, CDFW Communications, (916) 322-8908

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Lt. Sheree Christensen was recently selected by the Shikar-Safari Club International as the recipient of its 2014 Wildlife Officer of the Year award.

Each year, the club honors a wildlife officer who has shown exemplary conduct and initiative in the performance of his or her duties. Christensen was selected for her innate ability to lead by example. She has worked in Contra Costa and Alameda counties for more than 25 years and understands local natural resource issues better than anyone in the area. Christensen is known to take the extra step and share her experience and knowledge with those who work with her. She takes the time to teach other wildlife officers within and outside of her squad about San Francisco Bay Area natural resource issues, the laws that protect the resources and why those laws were enacted.

Without hesitation, Christensen accompanies the wildlife officers she supervises on boat patrols, fish business inspections, decoy operations, wildlife checkpoints, undercover operations, investigating illegal streambed alterations and pollution incidents. She has been a leader in CDFW’s tenacious effort to stop the illegal sale of prohibited, threatened and endangered species. Christensen has led many special enforcement details to target those who sell recreationally caught fish for personal profit. She prepares the detail plans, utilizing members of her squad, other CDFW squads and allied law enforcement agencies, and follows the cases from the investigation stage through the prosecution stage. Countless state resources have been protected by the tireless efforts of Christensen.

CDFW congratulates Lt. Christensen on this exceptional honor.

Shikar-Safari was founded in 1952 as a hunting organization but quickly recognized its potential to affect meaningful change in the area of wildlife conservation. Funds raised by the Shikar-Safari Club International Foundation are used to support various conservation projects in the United States and throughout the world.