Minnesota Artist Wins 2014-2015 California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest

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A painting of three Gambel’s quail has been chosen by a panel of judges as the winning entry in the 2014-2015 California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest. The painting by Tim Turenne of Richfield, Minn., will become the official design for the 2014-2015 stamp.

A painting by Tim Turenne was named the winner of the 2014-15 California Upland Game Art Contest
A painting by Tim Turenne was named the winner of the 2014-15 California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest.

The competition was sponsored by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The winning entry, which features two male and one female quail, will be reproduced on the 2014-2015 California Upland Game Bird Stamp.

Artists submitted their own original depiction of a Gambel’s quail, a native California game bird which is closely related to California’s state bird, the California quail. The setting and details were determined by the individual artists, but entries had to include at least one adult Gambel’s quail and be representative of the species’ natural habitat in California if a background was included.

The entries were judged by a panel of experts who were selected for their knowledge in the fields of ornithology, conservation, art and printing. Designs were judged on originality, artistic composition, anatomical accuracy, and suitability for reproduction as a stamp and print. The judges praised the winning entry’s realism and one termed the anatomical detail of the painting “spot on,” noting that the feather detail was particularly well done.

“I envisioned the painting as taking place in the hottest part of the day, at two or three in the afternoon, when birds take refuge in the desert to cool down and congregate underneath the shade bushes,” said Turenne, a professional wildlife artist. “I wanted the cooler colors of the birds and the shelter to complement the warmer tones of the background.”

An upland game bird validation is required for hunting migratory and resident upland game birds in California. The validation replaces the stamp through CDFW’s Automated License Data System, but the stamp is still produced and available to hunters upon request. Money generated from upland game bird validation sales can only be spent on upland game bird-related conservation projects, hunting opportunities, and outreach and education. CDFW annually sells about 175,000 upland game bird validations and distributes approximately 17,000 stamps.

Any individual who purchases an upland game bird validation may request their free collectable stamp by visiting www.dfg.ca.gov/licensing/collectorstamps/. An order form is also available on the website for collectors who do not purchase a hunting license or upland game bird validation or for hunters who wish to purchase additional collectible stamps.

Cory McLaughlin of Wells, Texas, placed second and Sally Durante of Sacramento placed third.