CDFW Seeks Applicants for Natural Resource Volunteer Program in Redding


Warden Brian Moore, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 358-1948
Lt. Steven Stiehr, CDFW Law Enforcement, (916) 358-1948
Kyle Orr, CDFW Communications, (916) 322-8958

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is recruiting applicants for the Natural Resource Volunteer Program (NRVP) to serve in the Redding area. The NRVP provides conservation and enforcement education through public service while providing biological, enforcement and administrative staff support to CDFW.

The next training academy will be held in Redding beginning in February 2014. Graduates will become valuable, unpaid volunteers for CDFW.

NRVP applicants go through a selection process which includes an initial screening and background check. Selected participants will attend a three-day training academy along with an additional eight-hour training day each month, during a seven-month probationary period. Volunteers are required to commit to a monthly service commitment of 16 hours and will implement their new skills under the direction of a trained mentor.

Applicants should be teachable, accountable, have basic computer and writing skills and a willingness to talk about conservation principles to the public both in the field and in a classroom setting. Applicants must work well in a team environment to perform tasks that free up time for paid CDFW staff.

CDFW Natural Resource Volunteers do not have law enforcement authority but are trained to be educational ambassadors for CDFW. Volunteers donate their time in a variety of areas including responding to human/wildlife incident calls, representing CDFW at community outreach events, disseminating public information and patrolling CDFW lands, ecological reserves and fishing areas.

The application deadline is Jan. 21, 2014, although applications should be submitted as soon as possible. Please contact Lt. Steven Stiehr or Warden Brian Moore at (916) 358-1948 prior to submitting an application.