Successful Abalone Checkpoints Conducted Along North Coast

Media Contact:
Patrick Foy, DFG Law Enforcement, (916) 508-7095

The California Department of Fish and Game conducted two abalone checkpoints on California’s north coast on June 16 and 17. Photograph of an abalone checkpoint.

Both checkpoints were slower than usual due to rough ocean conditions.

One checkpoint in Navarro, Mendocino County, was conducted by 21 game wardens and one State Parks ranger. Members of the Mendocino Abalone Watch Group assisted with distribution of abalone fishery information and directing traffic. Officers made contact with 409 divers and issued 10 citations for violations including overlimits of abalone, failure to complete abalone report card and properly tag abalone and possession of undersize abalone. Wardens are working with the Mendocino County District Attorney’s office to investigate two individuals who came through the checkpoint with 78 immature marijuana plants (each approximately 18 inches tall).

At Russian Gulch in Sonoma County, 20 officers including game wardens and State Parks and county park rangers contacted 563 divers. Officers issued 16 citations for overlimits of abalone and turban snails, abalone report card violations and possession of undersized Greenlings, short abalone, abalone out of shell and illegally harvested abalone.