Portions of the Blue Cavern State Marine Conservation Area to Reopen for Anchoring and Mooring

Media Contact:
Stephen Wertz, DFG Marine Region, (562) 342-7184

The California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) has adopted anemergency regulation for a portion of Blue Cavern State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA) at Catalina Island. 

Map illustrates location of Blue Cavern State Marine Conservation Area at Catalina Island.

Effective April 30, 2012, anchoring and mooring will be allowed within a previously restricted portion of the Blue Cavern SMCA.   

The anchoring and mooring restrictions, which were unintentionally carried over from the existing Catalina Marine Science Center Marine Life Refuge (Refuge), became a public safety concern after recent implementation of Blue Cavern SMCA, subsection 632(b)(102), Title 14, California Code of Regulations.

All current take restrictions remain in effect throughout the Blue Cavern SMCA. 

Authority remains for the Refuge director to allow anchoring, mooring or take of marine life for scientific purposes within the Refuge under the conditions prescribed in a scientific collecting permit issued by DFG.

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